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Red Pepper paste [Gochu-Jang]


 It is one of the main condiments that makes many Korean foods bright red and very spicy.
Chilis were first introduced in Korea in the 16th century and this
Gochu-jang made from dried red-chilli powder has been in the pantry of every
single Korean household ever since.
The red pepper paste is made from starch, powdered fermented soybeans,
red chili powder, salt, water and is traditionally fermented in the sun.
Different starches are used including sweet rice powder, barley powder, or wheat flour.

The condiment has a dark red color with a pasty consistency.
It has a spicy, salty, and slightly sweet flavor.
Koreans use this red pepper paste to flavor dishes, marinate meats, and also use it as a condiment.


You will have no problems finding red pepper pastes in any Korean market.
They are usually packed either in jars or square shaped plastic containers.
Go to the refregirated section and you will spot red pepper paste in many different brands and packages.
One thing most of them seem to have in common is that they are all bright red in color.


February 1, 2008 - Posted by | Inside of Korean Kitchen

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